Comprehensive Personal Liability Programs (CPL)

Primary Comprehensive Personal Liability (CPL) is designed to provide coverage for primary and secondary residences, rentals, vacation homes, homes in course of construction, vacant homes and vacant land. We provide limits of $100,000 CSL, $300,000 CSL, $500,000 CSL and $1,000,000 for Primary CPL. Excess CPL and Farmers CPL we provide limits of $100,000 CSL, $300,000 CSL and $500,000 CSL.

  • Coverage may be written as CPL or OL&T
  • Named insured may be an individual, estate or trust
  • The residence premises must be located in any state except New York
  • All other premises must be located in the US or its territories
  • Risks with Pit bulls, Dobermans and Rottweilers may be written with dog exclusion
  • Hi-Profiled individuals may be written

Excess Comprehensive Personal Liability (ECPL) is written excess over another carrier’s CPL. All of the primary CPL guidelines are used to determine acceptability.

Farmers Comprehensive Personal Liability (FCPL) is designed for small gentleman farms

  • Named insured may be individual, estate or trust. If the farm is a joint family ownership two separate policies must be written
  • Ineligible Risks:
    • Farms operating freezing or dehydrating plants
    • Farms whose principal business is raising and using horses for race purposes
      Tobacco farms
    • Farms where the principal purpose of the farm is to supply commodities to manufacturing or processing by the insured
    • Farms with exotic animals may be excluded

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